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March 27th 2015 / For Immediate Release

Matthews Studio Equipment Introduces The KerriKart at NAB 2015

Burbank, CA. Matthews Studio Equipment is pleased to introduce the KerriKart at NAB 2015. This unique cart, designed by Montreal-based Director of Photography Bill Kerrigan, incorporates the traditional cart support with a capacity to add a slider to the package.

“I'd been using the same industry standard equipment dolly for many years, but when I added a slider to my kit, I needed a second cart to transport two sizes of C-stands, sand bags and slider equipment,” explains Kerrigan. “I wanted something simpler, which required less gear and just one cart. The answer was to design a dolly, which would combine a cart and slider together.”

This new cart fits MSE's high-quality standards and more. “When Bill brought us his cart design, we were excited to become involved with this new product,” says Robert Kulesh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MSE. “As with all of MSE equipment, the KerriKart is strong, tough and durable but it is also light enough for one person to lift. It breaks down and sets up in less than five minutes. Due to the pneumatic tires, it is easily maneuverable and takes on all kinds of rough terrain and natural elements with ease.”

It's the addition of slider capabilities that makes the KerriKart stand out. Rails/shelf can be used from ground level to over 6 feet, accommodates 2 speed rails for a slider dolly, and gives the user a stable base for sliding – eliminating the transport of C-stands and sand bags. It will also accommodate any size camera and lens.

“The versatility of set up sold us as well,” adds Kulesh. “It is customizable to the user's needs and configurations. Not only can it accommodate 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot speed rails, the top shelf and rails can be attached at almost any height and the shelf will fit on either the top or bottom of the cart. Included are extras like 4 riser pins to hold a monitor, a soft light, and a sound boom. Many of the parts needed are already in the end-user's personal equipment packages, and whatever else is needed can be supplemented through Matthews' off-the-shelf grip stock.

“Bill Kerrigan's KerriKart is extremely user friendly and built with knowledge and needs garnered from over 30 years of experience as a television, documentary, commercial and corporate video shooter who has worked in over 40 countries around the world. It is what we at MSE strive – a product built from a solid background in knowing what is needed to make shots faster, safer and more creative.”

The KerriKart along with several other new support from MSE, including FLOATCAM's Pan/Tilt Head and the new VATOR III series can be seen at NAB Booth #5437 Central Hall.


MSE is a 45-year-old manufacturer of industry-specialized hardware, camera and lighting support. Its equipment is being used on entertainment productions and in major studios in over 90 countries around the world. The company has been honored with the Presidential “ull ÒE” Award for outstanding contributions to growing U.S. exports, strengthening the economy and creating American jobs. Matthews has been honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for Technical Achievement. MSE is the exclusive distributor of the FLOATCAM and POLLY DOLLY products throughout Asia and the Americas. MSE recently moved into a new state-of-the-art facility at 4520 West Valerio Street, Burbank, CA 91505.

Movi Mikey – Mad About Kerri Kart

Movi Mikey – Mad About Kerri Kart

“We met Michael Gorczynski (aka Movi Mikey) a few years ago when he was a camera technician next door at Hollywood Camera,” recalls Tyler Phillips, Vice President – Product Management and Marketing for Matthews Studio Equipment. “I used to help him with different mounting techniques and rigs he needed for his clients. After a year of working with him on and off when he was next door, he left and became a full-time AC and Camera Operator.”

“Our relationship didn’t end there,” says Gorczynski. “In fact, it grew stronger. Because, as my list of clients grew – I was always looking for tools to make my jobs faster, better and more creative.” That means a lot of MSE gear. At first it was a lot of stands and accessories to mount his unique stabilizers on.

“Not too long ago I did a huge live to television opening shot with Adam Margolis and Brian Reason on Dancing with the Stars that involved three operators and a pass on and off the jib in the middle of the shot,” he recalls. “I needed something more – and went to Tyler. He came up with a few MSE tools that allowed me to take the shot around the whole studio. MSE’s input and support has helped me make some huge moves on the live television circuit, and made my life a lot easer to manage.”

During one of these discussions Phillips showed Gorczynski the prototype of the new KERRI KART. “Michael became really interested in the Kart because of the versatility,” Phillips recalls. The original concept was a transport and production kart, mixed with an adjustable height pipe dolly platform. “He liked the cart – but thought it could be even more. His input (and that of others) made it what it is today.”

“I couldn’t wait for KERRI KART to be ready,” says Gorczynski. “I was one of the first to take delivery. Its versatility is unmatched. It is designed to have endless possibilities. You can mount anything on it. I had six cameras and two fully built gimbal systems attached to it last week on the set of America’s Got Talent – and it was a real head turner.

“KERRI KART is keeping up with the growing technology, where other carts are becoming obsolete,” he adds. “It gives me a safe/secure spot to mount all of the expensive goodies – and stabilizers – all the while keeping my workspace in the center clear for performing tasks throughout my day.

“I was always placing the stabilizer on the ground on the tiny semi-useful stand, given by manufacturers. Tedious and hard to work with. Now, the Kerri Kart mounts it 6-feet in the air, so the camera is right in my face. My tools are located directly next to me while working on the stabilizer, which makes teching and balancing easily 50% faster.”

“It’s exciting for us to see Michael, who helped us make KERRI KART what it is, use the full potential of this support tool,” says Phillips. “We can’t wait to show him – and others – what else we have in store as we continue to explore new support to keep up with the fast changing production world today.”


Excerpts from Interviews:

Question: What is the Kerri Kart?

Answer: It’s a transport cart built in the USA, which is designed to be customized… the cart can be configured as a camera cart, a DIT cart, or a production cart with a dolly-slider option depending on what’s purchased.

Question: What are its advantages as an equipment cart?

Answer: The Kerri Kart is designed around a lightweight, yet robust rolling base capable of transporting a significant amount of gear, while still fitting through a standard doorway.

The base is a one person lift into a vehicle... and the entire cart fits in a 2'x 4' foot space.  The top rail or shelf can easily be raised if you need more room.   It has 4 premium pneumatic tires, industry approved Crank-O-Vator wheel forks, and two heavy-duty needle thrust bearings with super crank pedal brakes. The 10 strut dolly frame is heliarc welded out of 6061-t6 aircraft grade aluminum, and topped with lightweight perforated aluminum and four junior receiver plates for securing the telescoping risers.  The rest of the cart is built out of standard grip equipment along with a variety of shelving and dolly/slider options.

Question: What makes it a good camera cart?

Answer: I'm biased, but I think it's an amazing camera cart!  

I build and rig the camera on its top shelf or on its Mitchell Mount, and carry my lens package, camera accessories and tripod on the bottom shelf.

The top shelf may also be quickly adjusted to your preferred working hight.  The Kerri Kart is made with industry standard parts, so it's very easy to accessorize.  I often mount my 17" monitor to one of its risers, a soft light on another.  You really appreciate the cart, when you need to make a quick move to another location.  Once you arrive you're ready to shoot in minutes.

Question: What are some of your favorite accessories?

Answer: Because the cart has so many industry standard mounting points, I can use a lot of the things I already own. For example the Matthews monitor mount will mount to any of the four risers.  And my noga arms and wireless systems will mount almost anywhere around the shelf as it comes drilled and tapped for 3/8”-16 and ¼-20”.  I screw baby pins into the shelf and rig all sorts of things…

Adding useful parts to the cart, is a creative process... other people tell me they love it!

Question: Tell me about its sliding features.

Answer: The KerriKart is not a slider! It's a sliding platform with 4 points of support.  Sliders maybe mounted on it's 2' x 4' shelf, on 4 of its baby pins or on its 4’ speed rails.  Two foot extensions may be added to the rails, allowing for 6' or 8' slides.  The rails can be clamped at any hight giving you slides from 2' to 6' high.  The rails can also be removed and placed on the ground for low level slides.

I think the Kerri Kart can accommodate any slider... including the extremly sturdy Matthews Slider.

Question: Future features?

Answer: Matthews has just added a large drawer with a lock which attaches under the shelf.  We’re working on a black privacy canopy for DIT and a rain canopy for the camera cart.  We're also helping steadicam operators, sound recordist and people in Video Village adapt the cart to their needs.