Kerri Kart User

DIT Cart / Camera Cart / Sound Cart / Equipment Dolly / Pipe Dolly System

The Kerri Kart and camera can be move to another location within minutes.

The Kerri Kart and camera on pipe dolly rails.

Moving the camera during an interview.

Bill Kerrigan testing an Arri mounted in a gyro cage, atop pipe dolly rails on a Kerri Kart.

Kerri Kart with an 8 foot Pipe Dolly configuration, on a multi camera shoot with David Oxilia.

The Kerri Kart / On Location

Michael Gorczynski on set with a Kerri Kart in LA, with a Movi and camera acceseries.

The Kerri Kart and camera on pipe dolly rails.

Shawn Hendriks and DP Andrei Khabad, using the Kerri Kart while filming behind the scenes of the new Blade Runner at the special effects company Atomic Fiction.

'I love slider shots in my projects but often skip them just out of dread of the setup time for each shot. With the Kerri Kart, doing setup in multiple locations is so quick I don't even worry about it. I wish every crew had one.'

- Shawn Hendriks | Producer/Director

Fabio De Felice with a Kerri Kart loaded with camera, lighting and grip equipment.

The frame and tires are rated for 1000lbs or 453.5kg

Kerri Kart with monitor and key light attached.

Kerri Kart rigged by Michael Gorczynski (aka Movi Mikey).  Mikey has mounted 3 seperate Movis on the Kerri Kart for a shoot in LA.

Leandre Low and Fabio De Felice adjusting a DJI Ronin mounted on a Kerri Kart on a shoot for Neil Matheson in Montreal.

Red Nebula with Matthew B Moore and Josh Steadman at Reynolds Coliseum, Raleigh, NC.

Testing out the new Matthews Studio Equipment, Kerri Kart! I absolutely love it for our Steadicam work.

Fun day shooting with Steadyfilm for NC State.

Ginga Takeshshima, ajusting camera and dolly on the KerriKart rails.

Fabio De Felice using the Kerri Kart to move equipment from the minivan to the location.

Brett Mullen, with a Steadicam and monitor mounted on a Kerri Kart.

Kerri Kart, rigged to hold a monitor tree.

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